Been pretty busy the last few months and finally getting a break to catch up on website and blogs. Testing out a beautiful beer pour and that doesn’t always come out as planned. Wasted a few bottles to the beer gods but was able to finally get a few good shots.



WWF – Glowing Regrigerator

I recently had the opportunity to shoot for World Wildlife Fund. It was a story on how to minimize food waste in your fridge. The concept was to have a glowing refrigerator. I was super excited and immediately started to think of how to get this done. With the help of Adam, we had figured just use one of our refrigerators, my apartment, the studio, anyone’s refrigerator. Of course most of the fridges were not clean or exactly what I wanted.  We thought long and hard about this. Long story short and with the help of an appliance rental, got one delivered and picked up in a week and I got the shot I wanted. Here is the original image and the image in layout. WEB_WWF_Fridgeweb_Copyart_WWF_Fridge

Southwest Cocktails

I started shooting for Southwest just about a year ago. Every month they feature a cocktail from a bar/restaurant. It is really fun and learn how to make some interesting cocktails. The great thing about shooting cocktails, my home bar have been growing rapidly. Here is a behind the scenes shot and a few drink shots I like.



Finding John Updike for Texas Monthly

This assignment I shot for Texas Monthly back in 2014. It was a story about a gentleman, Paul Moran, who collected John Updike’s trash. He brought in a large collection of items from clothes to canceled checks. It was a interesting story and fun shoot. You can still read about it on Texas Monthly.

Here are a few of my favorites and the rest are on my website



Tabasco peppers

A few months back I shot some Tabasco peppers for Delta.They sent me a rather large box of peppers and I got curious….How hot can these little peppers be?! Well Adam and Katie, along with myself, can assure you that they are HOT! But they turned out beautiful. Here is the image they ran along with a few other of my favorite options. Delta_TobascoPeppers-BlogFocus Result-blogDelta_TobascoPeppers-1-BlogIMG_5115.jpg